My sweet Lucy in our Hybrid DUO

My sweet Lucy in our Hybrid DUO

To all our carrier owners, thank you!

To all our carrier owners, thank you!

Carrier Details

Leg padding for baby's comfort:

Completely removable, snapping headrest:

X-Boxed on front and back for added security:

Compact for easy travel without taking up precious room, just larger than a diaper when folded:

What the DUO/H2DUO look like on:
Facing In, Back view, Facing Out

How to measure for a carrier

The DUO and H2DUO are sized based on a diagonal measurement from the ball of one shoulder to the side of your opposite hip.  

Some tips while measuring:

(1) Try to wear a fitted shirt that has a shoulder and sleeve seam as well as a side seam that extends from your armpit.

(2) Do not go BETWEEN your chest, go over to account for it! 

(3) To find the top of your hip bone go roughly an inch below your belly button around to your side. 

(4) Make sure to go all the way to your side (where the seam is). 

All of these will insure a proper measurement and thus avoid a remake. If you are at all uncertain of your measurement PLEASE take a photo and email me. Thanks!!